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Ready to have a raunchy session during your personal time or in bed with your partner? We bet you would not want to miss out on this essential Lubricant. With this Easyglide warming lubricant, you need not turn to the unsuitable and unhygienic body lotions and oils lying around your house. This lubricant makes your personal time more pleasurable without ruining it.

This waterbased lubricant is ideal for usage by couples for intercourse, as well as for your "fun time" with sex toys. Soft on the skin and easy to clean, the warming sensation that the lube provides makes it the perfect choice for your next session to make it more memorable.


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Type: Water based

Quantity: 150 ml

Bottle type: Dispenser

Colour: Transparent

Suitable for: Unisex

Safe to use with Sex Toys and Condoms

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Fuzzy Pepper

It felt amazing and it got me in the flow instantly. My only issue is I think it is too pricey for the quantity you recieve, but I would buy this again!!

Chugging Shots

Of all the lubes that I have used, the viscosity of this lube is literally the best. It is not too runny so as to make a mess, and not too thick so as to feel like you are using grease. It works with all of my toy collection perfectly, and is my go-to lube for the winters.

Talking Globe

I didn’t know what I was going to get with this lube and its warming, so I added a small drop on my hand, just to see how much would be enough. I barely felt anything, except the coolness of the clear lube touching my bare skin. So I added one more drop and then one more. By the time the 3rd drop was massaged onto my skin, I could feel the warm effect starting to set in - that is the best part. It starts out slow and gradual so you don't find it uncomfortable, and it works it way up so you wouldn't even realize it by the time you would have already started enjoying it!

Popping Pots

I was unsure as the price seems to be higher than cheaper lubricants available in the market. However, after using this I realized that where a few drops of this lube is enough, the other ones that I have used in the past (although cheaper) needed to be used in much more quantity to bring the same result. So effectively, this bottle of lube has lasted me almost twice as long! Would highly recommend this.

Biker Helmet

When I bought this I was not expecting it to be much different from normal water-based lubes. The first time I used it I was shocked.

This works well on your own or with a partner. It made the experience incredible, smooth, and heated. I have recommended this to many of my female friends and I would recommend others to buy this too!

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