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Specifically developed for making anal intercourse more pleasurable and easy, this cream comes with an enhanced gliding property. Caring and relaxing at the same time - this cream provides enhanced and smoother sliding experience without any numbing or loss of sensation. 

Apply some Backside cream onto the anal area as well as your penis and rub it evenly. The area will become more flexible, softer, and easier to glide into. The cream is ideal for beginners looking to make the experience easier and more pleasurable. 



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It has a slightly warm effect and is quite numbing but not too much (you still don't want to go too far). Overall a great cream for sure if you are into anal play. The price, however, could have been lower by a couple of hundred rupees, I feel


Worked unbelievably well, I do not think I am ever going to have anal play without it now. Such good cream and really does relax you for what is coming. The effects lasts a lot longer than I expected so the entire session is smooth and comfortable.


Having tried anal both before and after using this cream, I can tell you this cream does wonders. When we first tried doing it (with the regular lube) it was so uncomfortable for my partner that we had to stop mid-way and did not go ahead with it. This cream changed that and the experience was much more comfortable, and even enjoyable, after using it. I would recommend applying it about 10 minutes before your session for best results. Go nuts!


A little cream goes a long way, so the tube of this cream will lay a while. The thing I liked the most about it is it relaxes you without having any weird tingling sensations or effects or warming like many other creams and gels do. We will definitely be stocking this up as we absolutely loved it.


Needed something excellent for anal sex that would have some numbing qualities to make the experience better for my wife since we were doing it for the first time, and this one worked out to be perfect. There is warm sensation after you apply it, and it goes away in about 20 seconds.

Very thick texture-wise, and plenty in a tube, worth my money. Highly recommended, will definitely buy again!

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