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Best-selling vibrators from top international brands brought to you in India by us. Certified products made from body-safe material and meeting the international standards of safety are here for you to enjoy.


Vibrators are specially designed sex toys for women to help them achieve intense and pleasurable vibrations for mesmerizing orgasms. Ideal for use either with a partner or alone, vibrators are perfect for foreplay, oral sex, and masturbation. Crafted for heightened pleasure, vibrators come with several different features and types to allow everyone to find their perfect buddy. The mania of buying vibrators in India has been on the rise lately. Women are increasingly taking an interest in the subject, actively searching for sex toys online. Vibrators are the top selling sex toys and for all the right reasons. While there are no walk-in adult product shops for women and men to buy sex toys, you can easily find them online at our store and order them online to get a discreet delivery to your doorstep. When buying oral sex toys online in India from us, you get the guarantee of the best sexual pleasure products with free shipping. Our soft silicone vibrators come with intense vibration settings to give you the best orgasms.


Vibrators are used in two ways: Couples use it, wherein the man takes control and stimulates you by using the sex toy by penetrating it inside your vagina as a part of foreplay or intercourse, or for solo use, wherein you can use the sex toy to give your hand a rest and experience heightened pleasure and orgasms during your masturbation session.

Women also buy sex toys for their personal pleasure. You can have total control over your body and achieve orgasms with ease. Since there a variety of speed and pulsations to choose from, you can set the mode according to your mood. Vibrators are a welcome and healthy alternative to fingers, providing easy and more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.


You can choose from a large range of vibrators as they come in various pulse patterns, speeds, sizes, and shapes. We offer a range that has variety, so you can choose from vibrators that are waterproof, rechargeable, powerful, and sexy. At KamasutraToys, you can choose from the following types of sex toys vibrators:

G-spot Vibrators: Delicately designed to pleasure the G spot, these have a curved or bent head that provides it easy access to the G-spot and help you get an intense orgasm. G-spot vibrators may also come with an extra arm to stimulate the clitoris for dual stimulation.

Couple Vibrators: These are specially crafted to add spark to the sexual act between couples with the help of intense vibrations. Such vibrators are really helpful for couples looking to take things to the next level. A number of different pulsation and vibration modes allows the couple to achieve simultaneous orgasms. Oral sex can be enhanced if you use it together with soft silicone Indian dildos. It can be easily purchased online in India and delivered anywhere with our free shipping. With the numerous vibration settings, you can enhance your sexual pleasure with ease!

Bullet Vibrators: Popular among our customers owing to their handy size and ease of storage, these sex toys are extremely powerful. They usually consist of a number of vibration modes that work well for people new to the world of adult pleasure accessories.

Clitoral Vibrators: Clitoris plays an irreplaceable role in orgasms, and many people choose clitoral vibrators over all else. Compact in size and easy to use, these are silent yet powerful stimulators for intense clitoral orgasms.

Remote Controlled Vibrators: Their demand has recently seen an explosion in India, thanks to the bold movies Veere Di Wedding and Lust Stories (online). These vibrators come with a remote for easy control and have powerful vibration patterns to maximize your pleasure. 

Wand Vibrators: Packed with multiple speeds and vibration modes, these vibrators are excellent for sensual massages to bring orgasms. Available in all sizes and shapes, they are ideal for solo pleasure as well as foreplay during sexual intercourse.


Vibrators fall in a category of sex toys that has a huge variety, making it difficult to choose the one that is right for you. You can take into account a few factors and weigh them according to your preference to choose the right vibrator for you.

Type of Vibrator: For clitoral stimulation, buying a clitoral vibrator is the ideal move. On the other hand, wand massager is good if you are looking for a gentle yet intense. massage down there. G-spot vibrators should be your go-to choice if you are looking for vaginal or anal stimulation.

Available Features: Sex toys like these come in a large variety of features like speed, vibration modes, pulsation patterns, and so on. Depending on your experience and budget, you can choose a vibrator with features that suit you well.

Material: While silicone sex toys are popular and safe if choosing a vibrator, there are a lot of other materials available as well. You can choose one that you are most comfortable with. If in doubt, go with a soft silicone based product.

Discreet Vibrator: As the name suggests, these vibrators are handy in size as well as a shape so you can store them with ease. Their powerful vibrations are totally in contrast with their travel-friendly size. They make the ideal vibrator choice for women looking for a small yet powerful device. 


A vibrator is extremely simple and easy to use. You get an instruction booklet with every type of vibrator that you purchase, be it remote-controlled, clitoral, G-spot, anal, or wand. Additionally, make sure that you are in a comfortable and relaxed position when using a vibrator. Many vibrators have a variety of vibration settings which you can adjust to your personal preference. Use the vibrator at the intended area with lots of lubricants; a vibrator feels the best when used well-lubricated. To keep the vibrator hygienic, clean it regularly after every use.


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We are the leaders of India’s sexual wellness industry online in India. We offer a curated collection of vibrators of all types and get them delivered to you in discreet and private packaging. See if you qualify for free shipping with out products! Explore your body and experience the epitome of pleasure with our range of vibrators for women!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can using a vibrator hurt me?

A. Not at all. All vibrators sold at our store are completely safe to use. As long as you are using a lot of lube and not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you will be able to use the vibrator without any issues.

Q. How do I choose the best vibrator for me?

A. You can make a selection depending on your preference. If you are looking for external stimulation, then we suggest that you go ahead with a clitoral vibrator. However, if you are looking for penetrative pleasure, then a G-spot dildo or a rabbit vibrator would be a better choice. The latter can also help you with dual stimulation.