Instructions – 10 Speed Anal Massager:

How to unpack:

  • The vibrator comes with a battery inside it, along with one spare battery for later use.
  • After you unpack the vibrator, hold it and rotate the bottom most part gently to take off the cover.
  • You will find a piece of insulating sheet put in place.
  • Take out the sheet and gently put the the cover back on by rotating it.

How to use:

  • The vibrator consists of 10 modes. You can start the vibrator by pressing the button at the top of the vibrator.
  • Consequently, pressing the button again will change the vibration mode. You can change the mode as it suits you.
  • To stop the vibrator, long-press the same button until the vibration stops.

Cleaning instructions:

  • It is strongly advisable to clean the vibrator after every use to maintain hygiene.
  • You can clean it with water, along with washing with a soft detergent. Harsh detergents can damage the vibrator’s surface in the long run.
  • The vibrator is waterproof, so there is no danger of damaging it while usage. However, while washing it, do not immerse it completely in water. Only wash it under a tap in running water, and keep the button and its surrounding area away from water as much as possible.