Doc Johnson Main Squeeze (Squeezable) – Belladona

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The Main Squeeze™ is a masturbator in a hard, discreet casing crafted for you with love by Doc Johnson. The two black flaps on each side allow you to squeeze the masturbator and vary the pleasure as it pleases you. 

This stroker from the Main Squeeze collection is crafted from one of the hottest girls in the world of porn: Belladona. Containing careful details and paying attention to the detailed specifications of the insides of Belladona, this masturbator gives you a chance (and then many more chances) to feel what it is like to enter your favorite girl. The end of the vibrator has a vacuum adjuster, so can achieve a variable pressure setting and set the pressure/vacuum according to your liking.

You can feel the soft and sensual lips of Belladona’s as soon as you enter the masturbator, while experiencing a different erotic sensation with every inch that you move further inside it. The sexy curves in this tight & smooth tunnel will take you closer to the best orgasm of your life with every thrust you will take. The lifelike Main Squeeze sleeve resembles the exact insides of a vagina, designed to trap heat and get warm and more comfortable with every second that you use it.

The tasty stimulation provided by this masturbator mimics what it would be like to spend some time in bed with one of the most sensual ladies on the internet.



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