Doc Johnson Main Squeeze (Squeezable) – Remy LaCroix

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The Main Squeeze™ is a masturbator in a hard, discreet casing crafted for you with love by Doc Johnson. The two black flaps on each side allow you to squeeze the masturbator and vary the pleasure as it pleases you. 

This stroker from the Main Squeeze collection is crafted from one of the most popular porn star on PornHub: Remy LaCroix. The masturbator has been molded directly from the vagina of LaCroix, with proper counterfeiting of every minute detail to ensure that you get to experience how it feels to be inside your dream porn star. With the vacuum adjuster at the end of the masturbator, you can achieve a variable pressure setting and set the pressure/vacuum according to your liking.

Your trip to erotic heaven will begin as soon as you touch the entrance of the vagina lips, and from there on you will experience unique sensations with every thrust that you take inside the masturbator. The insides of the sleeve is smooth yet tight, having a sturdy grip on your penis and making you orgasm like never before. The only thing that will force you to stop thrusting inside this masturbator will be the out-of-the-world orgasm, only to give you some time to rest because then you will want to start it all over again.

The tasty sensations and unique stimulation provided by this masturbator mimics what it would be like to enter one of the most popular porn stars.



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