Tenga – Double Hole Cup Masturbator

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Double the fun with the classic double hole cup from Tenga. Double the holes, double the fun. With this cup, you can enjoy two different pleasures at the cost of one. The cup comes with two different insertions which you can use according to your mood: A tightening tightly Bitter Side, and a gently tangling Sweet Side. This pre-lubricated masturbation cup comes ready for you as soon as you receive it for the perfect lubrication during first use. After the first use, it is just as incredible when used with a good lube or a well-lubricated condom.

  • The Sweet Side is a gentle yet firm tangling membrane that will provide you with a comfortable and gripping fit for a gentle pleasure.
  • The Bitter Side is when you are in the mood for some rough experience, as the tightness will provide you sensations that are otherwise unmatched and unexperienced.
  • Use both the holes together and you have at your hand the perfect threesome experience. 



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