Beads are the perfect way to indulge in some anal pleasure, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in anal stimulation.

With an ergonomic and simplistic design, the progressive size of the beads makes them the ideal choice for anal pleasure. The length is optimum to reach a pleasurable depth without any discomfort otherwise caused due to the thickness of the toy. 

The sturdy and handle at the end of the beads allow you to guide them well, while the flexible design makes sure you never experience any discomfort. The result is an extremely sensual and pleasurable anal play session!


  • Material: Body-safe Silicone
  • Flexible: Yes
  • Suitable for beginners; Men and Women
  • Bead diameter(max): 28 mm | Bead diameter(min): 8 mm
  • Length: 34 cm


Anal play is a lot more pleasurable with a water-based lubricant. Do not compromise with your anal hygiene - use a toy cleaner. 



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