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Coming with a remote controlled vibrating underside, the Pulse III Duo is perfect for usage by single men as well as couples. When going solo, you can control your oscillations through the device. If your partner is there to control your pleasure, she can tailor the vibrations that she will receive from the toy's base. 

The added advantage that comes with the design of Pulse is that an erection is not necessary for you to use it. The powerful stimulation of the device can make you achieve orgasm even without getting an erection i.e. when you are flaccid. Thus, it makes Pulse the ideal device for those who need a little extra help as well. Just had an orgasm and what to have another round with your partner immediately after? Just press the button and the Pulse III Duo will make you ready for the ride.


  • Adjustable vibration speed with 9 vibration modes
  • Made from body-safe ABS silicone
  • USB Rechargeable - 60 mins of play with 180 mins of charge
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable with water-based lubricant
  • Length: 12 cm | Inner Diameter: 3.3 cm | Outer Diameter: 6.5 cm


For a smooth glide and orgasm use it with a water-based lubricant. Keep the Octopuss clean and hygienic with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Me and my girlfriend both loved this one!

It is great to have a chargeable toy that is as convenient as this one. The remote is nice and small, and it has the typical teasing vibe.

The material is very soft and smooth. We use lube just because of the feeling of the lube. Otherwise I think it does well even without lube.

I think it would make a great gift for any man.


I love how everything I order from here comes in such a plain box and then I open that and the actual packaging is super pretty.

I put it on charge as soon as I got it. It charges pretty quickly and it lasts enough to stay charged for a long session or two.

This just makes it so much easier to orgasm! the pulse mode was my favourite. You gotta experiment with this and have some fun to see what suits you best. Definitely worth every penny.


It is nothing like a sleeve or a fleshlight, or your general vibrators. The circular motion is just a league apart and men, you'll understand that.

I like discreet toys becaus ethe noise is just off-putting and this one makes very little noise. You can drown that in music very easily.

It is an interesting toy for sure. I just have to show it to my girlfriend now and let's hope we get it into our couple time.


I must say, I agree with all the other reviews. It is an incredibly convenient toy to own.

It is a high-end product so ofcourse you can expect some quality in the build, and this one delivers through.

This one isn't exactly a vibrator though. It is mainly an oscillator and that might give you a better idea of what it does.

I have only ever used it with lube because I just couldn't bring myself to use a toy without lube. 100% would recommend this to all men.


I like that the toy is USB chargeable. I was sick of buying batteries again and again.

I think the combination of vibrations and the whole idea of pulse mode is brilliant. This little toy has given me immense pleasure and it hasn't even been a week since I got it. It was pretty comfortable while putting on too. I have found that most fleshlights are all weird when you enter them. Thankfully that isn't the case with this one.

  • Discreet Packaging & Delivery
  • Non-descriptive Label
  • Pay Online or via Cash on Delivery
  • Shipped from India with Free Shipping
  • Country of Origin: PRC
  • Self-Collection Available
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