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The Tenga Flip Orb is designed to be a futuristic masterpiece. The hourglass design fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to glide over your penis. The interior has a refined structure with grooves and studs which are supported by embedded balls. These roll along your shaft and penis head for extra stimulation. You can increase or decrease the pressure yourself via the 2-point pressure pads on the side.

Open the Tenga Flip Orb to use, and apply enough water-based lubricant to the innermost section. A lubricant sample is supplied with the Tenga for first-time use. Only water-based lubricant is to be used with this masturbator!. Close the Flip Orb again and apply more lubricant to the opening. Because you determine the pressure level yourself you can create the sensation of real oral sex! The seamless design ensures that the lubricant cannot leak. it stays in the masturbator to ensure continued enjoyment for a longer period.

After use, open the Flip Orb again and rinse it under running water. Let it dry thoroughly and use toy cleaner afterward.

Flip mode - What is unique about it?
The Flip Hole is the first male sex toy that can be opened completely. This makes it extremely easy to clean and dry, providing the highest level of hygiene and making the masturbator durable for several years.


Once you are done with the single-use lubricant, you would need a good lubricant. Prepare beforehand and choose a water-based lubricant. Keep the sleeve as young as ever with a water-based anti-bacterial toy cleaner. 



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Customer Reviews

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Wow now this is what you call inconspicuous. For a while I couldn't figure out what to do with it. With instructions I figured it out though.

I love that this opens up and you can see all the hard orbs. The best part, it is literally the easiest to clean among the male masturbators of all time. You just run some water over it and maybe some soap and it is good to go. Just dry it up and store away. Totally recommended.


Okay so I am a bit on the large side and I got this as a present so I didn't know if I could even use it. Turns out, I can and oh so well. This has quickly become my favourite. It is a bit confusing at first but just follow the instructions and you'll be good. I love that it opens from the middle. That gives it such a unique aesthetic. The quality of the material is also pretty amazing. I 100% recommend this.


You can adjust the pressure plates and that way you can feel even more. You can also rotate the toy while changing the pressure. You can get creative with how you use it.

It opens up from the middle so that makes sure that you apply all of it. Just make sure you use enough lube.


But the clips holding the two halves together are very poor - it pops open with a bit of firm thrusting. Also when I insert myself all the way in it literally cannot stay closed (I am not that well endowed. maybe 4-5 inches) without me squeezing it close, hard.

Maybe a great toy for the less forceful.


I had already bought some toys from this range and so I wasn't doubtful about the quality it'd deliver.

I love the sensations, and even though it is not exactly as covering as other toys, it makes up for it with the amazing orbs. It is also very easy to clean. You just have to put it under running water, and then leave it to dry. You can also use the end cap as a stand.

It is definitely a great investment.

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