4 Reasons To Start Using Lube

4 Reasons To Start Using Lube

Lube can open up so many more doorways than simply a bit of pre-greasing before having slippy and slidey intercourse. If you haven’t broadened your horizons and taken the plunge yet, take a look at the benefits below and see how these tubes of genius can work their magic.

Give Yourself a Break
It’s great that our bodies self-lubricate, but there could be a number of reasons for your natural wetness to be a little less on form than usual. These could include stress, the side effects of medication, the menopause and contraception.

Why not let lube do the work, give yourself a break and enjoy easier penetration without any pain? You’ll benefit from increased sensations and pleasure that are guaranteed to make you say “wow”.

Make Oral More Fun
If you’re a fan of oral, you are in for an added treat! There are a host of flavoured lubes available, which can be great for broadening your oral horizons and making your journey down south even more pleasurable for both of you.

Flavoured lubricants are also safer than the handy old can of whipped cream, ice cream or whatever else you have rattling around the cupboard, as they reduce the risk of infection.

Spice Up Foreplay
When it comes to lube, there are many ways it can be used to spice up foreplay rather than simply being used to make penetration easier. Rub it on your hands and use it to explore each other’s bodies, add some to the tip of a condom to give him heightened pleasure. You could also smooth some lube onto your sex toy to really get each other going.

Unlock All Doorways
Anal lubricants are fantastic if you are looking to explore new horizons and experiment with your sexual boundaries. Anal lube will help prepare those intimate areas so your toy or partner can glide in without causing any damage.

They are also a number of premium brands containing ingredients like jojoba extract to help keep your skin relaxed and fully ready for what’s to come. There is also water-based lube containing high glycol content to help aid lasting lubrication.

So there you have it: four of the many benefits of lube. Convinced? Great!

There are a variety of options when it comes to selecting your lubricant, and a number of reputable brands such as Easy Glide that use a smooth and slick formula which is guaranteed to boost your life between the sheets, ensuring you can enjoy yourself easily for a long time before any re-application is needed, giving you more time to explore, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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