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Using sex lubricants during sexual activity is just as crucial as using a mobile lubricant in cars. Because sex lubricants provide you with an incredibly smooth ride whether you're on the road or a bed. Therefore, you must use lubricant during sex when driving on a bed (you know what we mean). It will assist you in making your bedmate insane.

Visit Aralove to get the best lubricant for sex. We advise our consumers to use lubricants during sex whether its solo and partner play. Lubes are crucial in both situations, whether people are having sexual relations with their significant other or with sex toys. We provide several different varieties of the best lubricants for sex, etc. A specialized lubricant for anal sex is your friend while trying to enter through the back door. And when you are going to conquer the other frontier, our best lubricants for dryness will accomplish it flawlessly for you.

What are sex lubricants and why is a lubricant used for sex?

The most crucial component of a smooth sex is sex lubricants and lotions. Because our private areas constantly require appropriate moisture during sexual activity, if they are not sufficiently moisturised, they have a tendency to rub against one another, which can lead to an uncomfortable experience. Itching might result from this as well. So always make sure you store your sex lubricant products next to your supply of condoms. The best lubricants for sex will undoubtedly improve your "Sexperience"

The rise of sex lubricants in India

It's amusing that people in India had no idea how important sex lubricants were because there was virtually no sex education. In the past, people only knew about petroleum jelly or coconut oil as lubricants. However, people were only aware of their usage for skin and hair, not for the privates. Earlier, these were considered as the best sex lubricants for dryness, but more often than not, they ended up casuing infections.

Always pay careful attention to and use tender treatment on your private areas. They are at the centre of who a person is. Therefore, additional care should be taken of them. Especially when involving in anal play, ALWAYS use a good lubricant for anal sex.

Thankfully, the internet helped. It has increased people's understanding of sexual health and cleanliness. People began to understand the value of sex lubricants and lotions for sexual activity. Therefore, we are here to provide some extremely significant lubricant types that are made to give you arousing delight.

Different types of lubricants used for sex

Water based sex lubricants

The most common type of sex lubricant available on the market is water-based. Many well-known companies use water-based products. Compared to other lubricants, it is simpler to wash because it is water-based. There are several water- and water-based variants at Aralove. Some are scented, while others are both warm and cooling. Everyone can find a water-based lubricant that works for them. The most popular sex lubricant for sex toys is water-based. These are the most used lubricants during sex especially for solo play.

Silicon based sex lubricants

These are some of the best sex lubricant products because they are dependable, practical, and enjoyable. Compared to water-based lubricants, silicon-based lubricants feel different and are more stable. This is convenient to use and simple to clean. There are several different kinds of silicone grease available at Aralove, these are considered perfect lubricants for anal sex.

Sex lubricants with flavour

Flavored sex lubricants are created to provide people seeking ultimate pleasure with a wonderful flavour. They are for your oral sessions, in other words. They have a great flavour. They aid in giving you a flawless blowout. The flavours at Aralove are really diverse. We have a wide selection of lubes that will suit your palate.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a water-based lube?

A. A lubricant that does not contain oil and has water has its main component is called a water-based lubricant. These are great to be used with sex toys as well as during intercourse because they are very inert, and are extremely easy to clean as well. You can get rid of it by simply washing it under running water.


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Q. Should I use a flavoured lubricant?

A. It completely depends on your personal preference. Some people like flavours when they are doing the naughty thing, while others feel it is a turn off. It is a good idea to discuss this with your partner before you go ahead with any type of lubricant.