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Rabbit vibrator is the hot and happening adult toy among the shoppers. Apparently, the bunny ears are quite powerful and ladies all around have fallen for its prowess! Coming in a lot of sizes and modes, this toy is definitely an upgrade to any single-spot vibrator. Explore the world of dual stimulation with the collection of rabbit vibrators at Aralove!


Unlike other products that only stimulate a single spot at a time, rabbit vibrators are rather efficient workers since they stimulate the G-spot as well as Clitoris at the same time. Consequently, the orgasm that you experience through simultaneous clitoral and G spot stimulation is much more intense and pleasurable. These unique vibration patterns effectively turn out to be the best choice to provide the complete sexual experience for the ideal orgasm. 


While this toy has been doing the rounds of the industry (even being featured in Sex and the City) for quite a few decades now, it has become so effective and popular only in recent years. Thanks to its capability of providing dual stimulation, known as rabbit ears, it has been becoming increasingly popular among consumers and for all the right reasons. With its ergonomic design and focused build internally and externally, it can easily bring any women to an intense orgasm. While we agree that these toys tend to look pretty darn cute, be warned and do not get fooled by their appearance for they can be extremely powerful. The rabbit arm on the vibrators is meant for clitoral stimulation and can give you a blended orgasm. With our bunny ears, the vibration patterns provided to these rabbit ears are excellent. You will get pleasure both internally and externally. Use them with anal beads and you can achieve the ultimate pleasure. The vibration patterns of these bunny ears are what makes these rabbit ears simply irresistible. The dual ends ensure you get stimulation both internally and externally, much better than using only anal beads! Thanks to the evolution in the adult toy market, these rabbit arms tend to have a separate motor than the main shaft, allowing you to explore multiple combinations at the same time. If you're feeling really spicy, try adding anal beads as well!


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Owing to their popularity and demand, rabbit vibrators come in a variety of sizes, materials, and variations. The adult toys in this category often tend to have a flexible bunny arm, so you can easily stimulate your clitoris while stimulating your G spot.

Most toys are made of medical grade materials that are body-friendly, the most popular of them being silicone. You can choose one of a material that suits you the best. If in doubt, we would suggest you go with the silicone-based material. Coming in a variety of speeds, modes, and sizes, all vibrators have an ergonomic design and are waterproof, unless mentioned otherwise. 

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