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Add romance to your bedroom and spice things up with the wide range of intimate couple’s products at Experiment with our collection of couples toys and take things up a notch with your partner.


Buying adult sex toys for couples can be a little confusing, even more so if you two have no prior experience with such products. While vibrators and dildos surely spice things up a notch, there are a lot of other products that you can choose from. We recommend that you use this as an excuse to have a kinky discussion with your partner and find out what will spice things up for the two of you. On the other hand, you can take things silent and surprise your partner with a gift that they will surely like!


If you are a couple trying adult sex toys for the first time, it is better to start gradually and follow the flow. For the ladies, you can start with a vibrating or something similar that your man can use on you. Having that type of control over your pleasure will surely turn him on. For the men, you too can go for a vibrator which can do things for her that you are not able to do yourself. Alternatively, you can start out with light BDSM by choosing handcuffs or similar bondage products.


1. Handcuffs: The most popular bondage product worldwide, handcuffs are restraints that are used to restrict one partner while the other exercise control over the situation to make the encounter more exciting and appealing. With a handcuff, you can lock up your partner (with their consent) and live every fantasy that you have ever had while they moan with pleasure, but out of control.

2. Restraint Kit: The best way to take complete control over your partner is a restraint kit. With 4 cuffs to tie each of the 4 limbs, you can gain a kinky and exciting control over your partner and do anything that you want to maximize their pleasure. A bondage kit allows you to tie your partner down and make all your fantasies come true.

3. Wrist Ties: A softer alternative to handcuffs, a wrist tie serves the similar purpose of practicing bondage on one of the partners. It tends to be the ideal bondage product for beginners who are looking to experiment with bondage.

4. Blindfold: The best way for exploration for couples who are new to bondage or BDSM play to indulge in some kinky sex is by using a blindfold. Blindfolds allow you or your partner to take away the vision of the other, so one can have complete control over the situation. Blindfolds add the element of suspense in the love-making act, allowing you to get a steamy and kinky experience with ease.


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Nowhere will you find the perfect collection of bondage products to satisfy your fetish except at Enter the world of bondage and BDSM and turn up the kinky in your bedroom with our range of products for couples. Spice up things in your bedroom and take the romance up a notch, for love should only be made like there is no tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best way to rekindle romance in a relationship?

A. It is natural for the spark to fade away in long-term relationships. However, a little effort is all that is needed to rekindle the romance. Surprise your partner with a gesture of love or care by simply cooking them a meal or taking them out to their favourite restaurant. Such gestures in bed also work wonders. Combine these with a sex toy for couples as a gift, and you have the best rekindling effort one could ask for.

Q. Do all people like Bondage?

A. While some people are okay with it and others get an orgasm just from the thought of it, liking bondage is really a personal preference. If you want to indulge in Bondage or BDSM with your partner, it is important to ask them about their thoughts and views on the subject before you surprise them with a BDSM accessory in the bedroom.