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Get the best Anal Sex Toys for Couples for a Great Experience

We know that sexual pleasure is an integral part of your general health, but it's still hard to achieve even today. To top it off, due to anxiety and busy schedules, most people find it hard to arouse their partners. In that way, anal sex toys for couples can work wonders because they make your work easy and add some kink to your love life.

Kamasutratoys brings you a wide range of sex toys for all your pleasure points irrespective of the pleasure you are looking for - anal, vagina, and oral sex. Although anal sex seems very challenging, post-preparation with the best quality anal sex toys in India makes it easy. Hence, these sex toys make your intimate relationships better.

Here at Kamasutratoys, we have a vast range of anal sex toys for men and women, like vibrators, anal beads, masturbators, dildos and so on. So, you can opt for the best one at the most affordable price.

How to buy anal sex toys online at Kamasutratoys?

Kamasutratoysmakes it easy to choose the best quality sex toys to add some spark to your bedroom. We understand that choosing any sex toys according to your preferences can be confusing. But not anymore! Because we bring you excellent quality anal sex toys in India. Here you can choose any adult toys, including anal toys, at one store:

  • Visit our website and tap on search.
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  • You can compare the prices and the quality because we provide the best ones across the country. 
  • Add them to the cart and add your address. 
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This is how you can choose the best anal sex toys for couples at the countrywide best prices. Unlock anal pleasure with the best toys from


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does anal sex and using anal toys hurt the first time?
A. Experiencing anal play for the first time, either with sex or with toys, is almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable - but the same is true for having vaginal sex for the first time as well! However, it need not hurt at all for the first time if you are doing it the right way. The key is to ensure that you start small with a finger or anal beads. Once you are comfortable with the smaller size, you can gradually increase it and go for larger sized beads. Eventually, you will be able to use butt plugs and anal vibrators with ease. Another important note here is to ensure that you use as much lube as possible right from your first experiment.

Q. Do men enjoy anal play?

A. Whether or not someone enjoy anal fondling is completely up to personal preference. There is no one-size-fits-all guide for this. However, many men are skeptical about indulging in anal play but later find out they actually enjoy it. The key is to experiment with it and start small. One should always be open to new experiences, and men who enjoy anal play often say that they were absolutely against the idea of going anal when they heard it for the first time!

Q. Do women enjoy anal play?
A. When it comes to enjoying anal fondling, the experience is subjective and not everyone enjoys it. Some women outright reject the idea of indulging in anal play, while others are quite skeptical about it. Most women indulge in anal play at the request of their partner, and a majority of them end up liking the experience. However, it is important to ensure that you do not indulge in anal play unless you are completely comfortable with it.

Q. How do I make anal less painful for the first time?
A. The best way to do this is to make sure that you use a lot of lube. Using a lubricant makes the entire experience much more smoother and pleasurable. While the vagina lubricates itself, it is not the case with the anal passage. Therefore, providing external lubrication becomes extremely crucial. Absence of a lubricant can make the entire experience quite rough and even cause long-lasting discomfort due to chaffing. The other thing to take care of is to use the right size and be patient with it. Starting with a penis or an anal vibrator right away can be uncomfortable. Start small and climb your way up when it comes to girth, and you will be annoying anal play in no time.