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The ultimate motive of all sexual activities is achieving an orgasm, and how you get there matters little as long as you are having a fun ride. One of such ways of getting an orgasm is through anal play, and this applies to men as well as women. presents to you a hand-picked selection of safe and certified anal toys, made by reputable international brands and brought to your doorstep in India by us!


Sexual pleasure is all about exploration, and you may never know you find something appealing and sensual until you experience it. While both men and women stand to experience pleasure through anal play, men tend to enjoy it a lot more courtesy of the presence of prostate and the pleasure derived through its stimulation. It is for everyone to try and explore and find out how and to what extent are they enjoying it. Taking it slow and not pushing too much is the key to enjoy anal play, as you need to avoid pain as much as possible. Start with small sizes, both in length as well as girth, and gradually increase it as per your comfort. And remember, use as much lube as you think will be too much, and then pour some more: it is the key to having comfortable and pleasurable anal stimulation.


All products on our store are made of medical-grade body-safe material and completely safe to use. While most products are made of silicone, some are made of TPE (plastic) or stainless steel as well. Choosing one is entirely up to you and depends on your personal preference. To begin with, you can use butt plugs as they are small in size and comfortable for beginners. A butt plug comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that suits you the best. Once you are comfortable with the butt plug, you can move on to bigger toys like anal beads and their like. Some people prefer to start with anal beads right away. Again, this is entirely personal preference based on comfort and pleasure. Realistic anal vibrators, beads, and dildos are also sure to do the trick for you. Whatever you choose, do not forget to add a bottle of lube in your cart to have a pleasurable and smooth experience. 

At KamasutraToys, you can choose from a safe and reliable range of anal products and purchase one that suits you the best with the guarantee of 100% privacy and discreet delivery!

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