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Hygiene cannot be compromised when it comes to our intimate areas. At Aralove, we provide the perfect experience to our customers, including Intimate Care products so you can provide the extra care that your private areas demand. 


The vagina is extremely delicate and sensitive, meaning you cannot wash it with water and soap like any other body part. While you may think that it is the ideal way to inhibit bacteria and bad odor, it can actually tamper with the pH balance and make things worse and lead to infections in the vagina. Maintaining the right pH balance inside the vagina is extremely important to keep any infections at bay. The vagina has a self-cleaning ability and you need not take such extreme measures to clean it like other body parts.


While the usual cleaning agents like soap and other hygiene products do not exactly cause harm to the vagina, they can alter the pH level and balance down there. This, in turn, turns it into a breeding ground for bacteria or fungus. While using a soap or shower gel might look like the right way to clean it, you need to remember that the vagina will do the job itself and you need not use such soaps.


Once you have had sexual intercourse, it is important to clean it up to maintain hygiene. To make sure that you do not alter the pH balance, wash gently with an intimate wash, or only water if you do not have the former. A good cleaning and every intercourse is the right way to take care of your nether regions.


Just like your vagina itself, anything that goes inside or near your nether regions should also be kept clean at all times. Sex toy cleaner is the right way to go around this, as they are carefully prepared to keep in mind your hygiene as well as upkeep the quality of the sex toy. Using a sex toy washer or cleaner also helps to prolong the life of the toy, keeping its surface smooth and as good as new. In any case, if you do not have a sex toy cleaner, you can also use a soft detergent instead. However, a sex toy cleaner is the right way to do things in the long run.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should you use a toy cleaner?

A. Hygiene is very important when you are using sexual pleasure products. Cleaning them properly before and after every use is essential. Toy cleaners are specially designed to clean the surface of sex toys without harming the surface or material.

Q. Why should I use a water-based toy cleaner?

A. Most soaps and detergents are oil-based, making them unsafe for the surface and materials used in sex toys. These cleaners can react with the toys and affect their smoothness and quality over time, reducing their lifespan. A water-based toy cleaner, on the other hand, is completely safe to use and acts as a great anti-bacterial cleaner.