4 Ways To Give Her Mind-Boggling Orgasms

4 Ways To Give Her A Mind-Boggling Orgasms

Unsurprisingly, the question that we are asked most frequently is how to give a woman an orgasm?

Surprisingly though, it is not just men who are asking the question; Women are as frustrated from not being able to get an orgasm from their partner as men! The situation is so bad that a lot of women claim that they have never had an orgasm in their life.

Therefore, we feel it is definitely worth sharing how to give your lady the orgasms that she deserves:

  1. Tease Her: For some reason, men are always in a hurry to put it in there. Several women claim that they have little to no foreplay at all in the bedroom. In our opinion, you should be spending more time on foreplay than actual sex, if not an equal amount of time. Fondle her bosom, scratch her back, bite her on her thigh, and go down on her. By the time the actual act start, she needs to be turned on and already on her way.
  2. Cover all the 7 bases: That famed scene from friends (Seven, Seven, Seven!) is popular for a reason. Men have a hard time comprehending the fact that women have multiple erogenous zones. So you need to cover not 3, but all 7 of them! The zones are - ears, lips, neck, breast, butt, inner thighs and finally, the vagina.
  3. Take a break: As a man, if you know you are about to orgasm and she is not, take a break and make sure you do it before the point-of-no-return. By taking a break, we do not mean to stop altogether. Take your thing out and stimulate her breasts, or go down on her for a minute or two. As soon as you feel the floodgates have closed and you are ready to go again, you can start again. Do this as many times as needed, but do not climax before she does.
  4. Do not ignore the clit: Continuing their obsession with getting it in there, men fail to understand that the clit is for women what the penis is for men! Getting an orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone is extremely difficult. Use your tongue before the actual act starts, and use your fingers during the act. The clitoris needs to be stimulated at all times during intercourse.

Try these tips the next time you are in bed with your partner, and let us know if this was indeed worth sharing or not!

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