Becoming More Dominant In Bed

Becoming More Dominant In Bed

Admittedly, taking the lead and being the dominant one in the bedroom can give a whole new dimension to your sexual relationship. It makes things much more intense, as one of you can simply let go and give in to your partner, while your partner rides you through their fantasy (pun not intended) all night!

As fun as it is, couples often fall into a routine and it becomes difficult to change the traditional roles in the bedroom. Some also think that their partner might perceive it in the wrong way, and stick to what they are used to doing in the bedroom. Luckily for you, we have some suggestions on how to break into a more dominant role in bed!

1. Hair Pulling

Isn't it amazing to have someone run their fingers through your hair! The same goes for sex, especially if you let your energy flow. Note that hair-pulling can quickly turn from fun to dangerous. You need to be cautious when using this dominance trick. If you are in a submissive position and wish to pull your partner's locks, reach for the roots and gently tug at them. This could signal that you are interested in something or that your partner should work harder.

If you are more dominant and want to make your partner feel better, hair-pulling might be a good option. It's so romantic to see your partner let their wild side out.

2. Spanking

If you and your partner like to spank, this is a great way to control the situation. You might be the submissive partner and give your partner a small slap in penetration or before sex to show that you want to play.

If the dominant partner is more in control, they can add heat to the sex by using spanking during sex or in the doggy-style position. You might see them start by grabbing or light spanking, and then escalate the intensity once they check-in and are in ecstasy.

3. Bondage

Get ready for the props! Bondage accessories such as whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, and other restraints can be used to play with the power. As a way to tap into their dominant energy, you can blindfold or restrain your partner during oral if you are looking for a controlling role.

Bondage is also guaranteed to add some spice to your relationship, as it helps both the partners reveal sides that they never knew existed. Try it once and you'll know what we are talking about!

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Always remember that good sex is a dance between you and your partner's energy. The best way is to take turns and express your dominant and submissive sides without having to totally sacrifice your pleasure. The best sexual relationships are those where there is an equal amount of give and take!

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