Best Sex Positions For Lesbians

Best Sex Positions For Lesbians

We get it – mind-blowing sex often comes down to the positions used and just how much you “know” to get the job done. Well, in this article, we’re helping you hit those mega Os with our best sex positions for lesbians. Thank us later.

Lesbian sex positions are different from heterosexual ones, mostly because the vagina is obviously designed to specifically accommodate a penis. This means intercourse needs to be more creative, but it’s also even easier to get off simultaneously because of its nature.

The following list of sex positions will help you determine whether your partner likes being adventurous or prefers traditional positions with a twist.

The L
The L is a great way to give oral pleasure to your partner without worrying about them being able to see you. Essentially, one partner lays on their back while the other positions their vulva over the other’s face, facing away from the horizontal partner.

The partner that holds the horizontal position uses their tongue to massage the partner’s clitoris, offering an exciting twist to traditional positions.

Believe it or not, the good, old spoon can still deliver plenty of pleasure. Simply lay down next to each other in this classic position. The big spoon wraps her leg over the little spoon and uses their hand to engage the clit. The big spoon can also place their arm under the little spoon’s top leg and stimulate them from behind.

This works so well because the little spoon is able to lay back and really enjoy the experience. So that both partners can get maximum pleasure, you may want to swap turns.

There’s a reason this is often the first sex position for lesbians that people think of: it’s got a reputation to deliver.

To do it, one partner needs to lay on their back or side, legs spread. The other positions themselves sitting or lying the opposite way, also with legs spread. One partner slides their body into the other until both vulvas are engaging in contact.

From there, you use the grinding action to experiment and play around with stimulation, using the most sensation-filled motion to reach an orgasm.

And remember, you can always use our sex toys to help you level up these positions in more ways than one!

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