Best Ways To Have Sex Outside

Best Ways To Have Sex Outside

One of the most popular fantasies is to have sex outside. It's taboo because sex outside is illegal. Many people find the thrill of breaking the rules enough to make their sexual desires go wild, particularly if they or their partner feel aroused at the thought of being caught.

While we don't condone the breaking of the law, it is easy to sympathize with those who want to have sex outside. One, it can be extremely erotic to think of someone watching your sex. It's so common, in fact, that there is even a name for the phenomenon. Exhibitionism refers to a sexual kink where a person is excited by the possibility or reality of being naked or engaging in sexual activities with others.

Here's a list of locations where Exhibitionism can be practiced:

1. On A Hiking Trip
Hiking is great as there are many hiding spots, such as trees and huge boulders. If you and your partner are looking to go out into the wild, pick a time and place where there is less traffic. If you are opting to have penetrative sex with your partner, ask them to bend down and place their hands on a rock or tree for support.

2. On The Balcony
You can have sex on your balcony, and it's a discreet way to do so. If one of you is in a dress, and the other is going commando, it's possible to keep your privacy. You can lift the dress up to let your partner do their thing, including with their hands, genitals, or mouth. If you are on vacation, this is a great spot. Your balcony may overlook the ocean or forest. It's a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of nature while still being close enough to your own room to be able to escape for a few minutes.

3. In Your Backyard
Similar to balcony sex, you can have it in your backyard. You're close enough to your home but still have easy access to the outside. This is especially useful if you live in a more private area with a fence or secluded location. You can simply spread a blanket and start to perform the moves. This can be turned into a date night complete with wine and dinner.

What is the common denominator? Outside sex is supposed to be enjoyable. Although it may not be as comfy or as sexually stimulating as sex in bed, that is not the point. It's important that you and your partner enjoy the experience, have fun, and make some unforgettable erotic memories!

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