Boobies: Stimulation and Orgasms

Boobies: Stimulation and Orgasms

When you hear about women having an orgasm, the immediate after-thought that follows is sex. While it is definitely possible to have orgasms through penetrative intercourse, primarily there are two hot-spots for achieving orgasms: The Clitoris and the G-spot.
But you need not necessarily go down there to achieve an orgasm. It is totally possible, and for some women even exciting and preferable, to have orgasms through the “second base” only. The magic door to those orgasms: the nipples.

Here is the shortcut to nipple orgasms: Nipple Vibrators for Women

Stimulating the nipple can lead to some very intense orgasms if done correctly. For those untrained, I will teach you more about nipple play, how to begin, and how to use it to have the big O.

How are orgasms possible with nipple stimulation?

In a manner similar to other sensitive spots such as the clitoris itself, nipples also have hundreds of nerve endings, which makes them extremely sensitive and receptive to stimulation. Stimulating your nipples sets off the genital sensory cortex - the same part of the brain that is stimulated during clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

How to get started?

  • A relaxing and sensual background can really get you going. Set the mood by putting on some sexy music, lighting some candles, and turning the lights down.
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable position, so you can be as relaxed as possible to experience the fullest of pleasure.
  • Fantasizing can take things upwards pretty quickly. Allow your thoughts to wander into the sensual playground, and think about what turns you on.
  • Experiment with different methods and techniques for stimulating your nipples. Take time and enjoy each and every touch and tingle. Over time, you will also find out what gets you going.
  • Do not leave out the rests of your breasts. Apart from the nipples, you can play around with your breasts as well to get stimulated.
  • Keep one handle on your breasts and let the other hand wander down under. You need not experience only nipple stimulation; stimulate your vagina and clitoris as well to get a heightened orgasm.

Doing it with a partner

Needless to say, women tend to melt away with oozing pleasure when our man gently bites and nibbles on our nipples and around. Breasts are an integral part of foreplay and intercourse. Tell your partner to stimulate your nipple with his tongue, teeth, hands, and whatnot. Guide him as he goes to let him know what excites you the most. Giving him the control of a nipple vibrator can turn things even more exciting and kinky.

All the best with your nipple orgasm!


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