Exploring Your Body, And How You Should Do It

Exploring Your Body, And How You Should Do It

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Masturbation continues to be associated with a social stigma in our society, more so for women than for men. This is precisely opposite to how things should actually be. It is important to explore your body and know what gets you going and what causes discomfort.

Women in India particularly have a difficult time exploring themselves. Girls tend to be not so open about sexual pleasure within groups, which consequently leads to a lack of knowledge. It is a sad fact that several women never experience an orgasm until they have sex; some do not achieve one even after that. I have several friends who are married and fake having an orgasm about 75% of the time just to not hurt their partner’s morale.

For women, the best way to achieve orgasms is through clitoral stimulation. For those who are unaware of where exactly the clitoris is, you can check out this great video tutorial here: YouTube

However, your hand might not always do the trick, and small vibrators (Link in the beginning) are best to solve that issue.

For men, having an orgasm is not such a difficult task. But it becomes boring to use your hand every single time. Fortunately, there is a large variety of masturbators available in all ranges, prices, and sizes so you can pick one that suits you the best. You can check out masturbators for men here: Men’s Section.

It is important to know yourself well enough before you get into a relationship (physically as well as emotionally). Once you know what you want and what you like, you will be able to convey the same to your partner and have a healthy relationship!


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