Handling the “too hot” newly married sex life

Handling the “too hot” newly married sex life

Marriage is definitely a step up in our life, bringing significant changes in the lives of the two people. While there is a lot of emotional tantrum involved shortly before and after the marriage, generally everything goes hunky-dory for the couple. But one thing that often concerns people, both in an arranged marriage as well as love marriage, is SEX.

Spending so much time together can be quite exciting, physically. However, in all this excitement, you should not miss out on the important stuff. Here are some tips for newly married couples we feel every married couple should know:

 1. Do not be Vicky Kaushal from Lust Stories

Almost everyone has seen the viral scene from the movie Lust Stories where Kiara Advani uses a remote-controlled vibrator because her husband was, um, too speedy in the bed. Beware! You need to take care of your partner’s sexual satisfaction as much as you take care of yours, and perhaps a little more. The key to a happy married life is the sexual content of the two partners. Particularly the men need to make sure that their wifey is having an orgasm every time. But this applies to the ladies as well.

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 2. Respect your partner’s needs

There will be times when you will be horny af while your partner would not be too keen on doing it that night, and vice-versa. This is natural and you should not overthink about this. It is highly improbable that you will both be turned on together every single time. But you need to respect your partner’s wish. Never push too much to have or to not have sex. Communication is the key here. Rather than giving your partner the silent treatment when they refuse to have sex, discuss it out.

 3. Acknowledge the “Honeymoon Period”

The reason there are so many catchphrases and notions around the initial period after the marriage is that it is actually true to some extent. You will not always feel the butterflies in your stomach that you will initially feel after getting married, and it is not a bad thing at all. But if you start worrying about it as soon as the “spark begins to fade”, then you might give yourself and your partner some irrational worries.

 4. Keep things hot and spicy

But just because your honeymoon is over, you need not to get into a routine when it comes to sex. Keep looking for new things that you and your partner can explore in the bedroom. Couple’s vibrators and bondage products can help you to keep your sex life as good as new. Always take initiative for new positions and kinky ways to make love, and you will keep yourself and your partner as happy as ever.


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