India and Dildos: What Google Search Says

India and Dildos: What Google Search Says

While the outlook towards dildos and similar adult products remains positive with adult industry witnessing an upward curve in popularity, some statistics continue to amaze.

According to our database as well as statistics from other adult stores in India, metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc continue to account for a major chunk of adult product's sales in India. In line with these statistics, one would expect that the interest in the category and its products among different regions in India would be similar. What surprises most is that this expectation could not be more wrong!

Following the search trends on Google, these metro cities (or their respective states) were left behind by a considerable margin for popular search terms for adult products. For instance, the search volume for the term "Dildo" for the last 3 months before December, 2021 was highest in Manipur! (Source: Google Trends)

Not only did a state with higher sales (like Maharashtra or Karnataka) did not win the top spot for the search volume, but they did not even figure in the top 5. The top interest of Manipur by sub-region was followed by Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Meghalaya.

Whether these searches and interest converts into actual revenue for the adult industry in India remains to be seen, but no one could be more glad than us on finding out how all regions of India are breaking the shackles and opening up to the idea of sexual health and wellness, one step at a time!

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