Sexual Intercourse With A Small Penis: Positions And More

Sexual Intercourse With A Small Penis: Positions And More

While your wife or girlfriend might tell you that size does not matter, deep down all men secretly wish that they had a bigger penis, and rightfully so. There is nothing wrong in having the desire to be the king in bed, rocking your partner’s world and giving her the best orgasms. But let’s face it: Penis size, just like all other attributes of the human body, varies from person to person. Trouble comes when you fall into the category of people having a below-average penis.
But how you use the tools that you already have is more important than the size of the tools you have (wink wink)!
Read on to find 3 simple steps that can turn your sex-life upside down and make you the best-sex-she-has-ever-had:

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1. Unleash the power of the tongue: The clitoris is one of the most sensually receptive parts of a woman’s body. However, it is usually not stimulated during penetrative intercourse: another reason why women have a tough time having an orgasm during sex. You can change all that by stimulating the clitoris through oral sex. The tongue can do wonders for her pleasure.
So the next time you are having sex, make sure to give her a nice and long oral job before the real sex starts. That way, both of you will be able to climax together.

2. Positions matter. A LOT: If you have a small penis, you can try out positions that stimulate her the most during sex. The primary pleasure spot stimulated in a woman during penetrative intercourse is the G-spot, and it is located only 3 inches inside the vagina. Therefore, as long as you have a penis longer than 3 inches, you can easily rock her world. Some of the positions that may help you are:
Doggy Style: Your partner bending on all fours, and you penetrating her from behind. A classic position that most people are familiar with.
Missionary Grind & Swivel: Remember that the key to stimulating her during penetration is not moving your penis in and out, but rubbing it in and around her vagina (and G-spot). Enter her in the missionary position, and grind your penis all inside her.
Girl on Top: Apart from hitting the G-spot in the right manner, this position also allows your partner to be in control. This, in turn, gives her the authority and movement to maximize her pleasure all by herself.

3. Communication is the key: Instead of losing your confidence over your size and throwing darts in the dark, ask her what she finds pleasurable and then stick to it. Communication is key to a healthy sex life as well as a healthy relationship. You can also come to an agreement to use sex toys of larger sizes, in order to compensate for what you lack. Or better yet, surprise her with a sex toy in bed one day without asking her first. It is a surprise that most women tend to love.

As long as you love your partner and perform with confidence, you will surely be her king, the best-sex-she-has-ever-had!

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