Satisfying your wife/girlfriend: Class 101

Satisfying your wife/girlfriend: Class 101

It is no secret that it is much easier for men to achieve orgasms than for women. Consequently, many men face the uphill task: Bringing their girl to an orgasm. For some men, this can be quite frustrating because it might seem like no matter what you do, she just does not have an orgasm!

Apart from satisfying your lady in bed, it is also important to look after her emotional needs. It is no secret that usually women tend to be a little more delicate than men. So the question arises: How do you satisfy your wife/girlfriend? Do not worry, because we have the perfect 3-step plan to make it work for your relationship:

1. Use the tongue

For a woman, achieving an orgasm solely through penetrative stimulation is almost never possible. You either need to stimulate the G-spot or the clitoris; engaging both of them together will do wonders. The best way to provide clitoral stimulation to your lady is through your tongue. Ask her to be your guide when you go down on her and tell you what patterns/speed she likes. Make it a rule to give her oral stimulation at least for 5 minutes before you enter inside her.

Clitoral stimulation can also be achieved with vibrators tailor-made for this purpose. You can find them here: Vibrators for Women

2. Turn up the intimacy

Orgasms are as much a result of emotional intimacy as they are of physical stimulation. Making your woman feel loved and cared for will bring her to orgasm much easily and quickly. Bring in the passion. Use your hands as much as possible throughout the intercourse, not just during kissing and making out. Instead of having sex with her, make love to her.

3. Be a good boyfriend/husband

Lastly, it is equally important to be good outside the bedroom as well. Always make sure that your wife/girlfriend knows how important she is to you. Plan surprise dinners for her. Take her to exotic holidays. And more importantly, Listen. It means the world to a girl when she knows you are actually listening to what she has to say.

Relationships are not a cakewalk, and you always need to make sure that you never take your partner for granted. Stick to these 3 steps and your wife/girlfriend will be satisfied, inside as well as outside the bedroom!

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