Sensuality is the biggest weapon of any living creature, and on the other hand, it’s one of the greatest pleasures that the body can sense and feel. Imagine being stabbed but it feels so good that you’d want to be stabbed again. Bad example, but you get the point. 

It is rightly said that anything can get boring if it becomes a routine. Our mind and body get used to it and therefore don’t feel the excitement or the “new-ness”. There has been research and development in every way possible just to get this tedious routine feeling out of the way. Some of the ways are listed down below. 

  • The linger-ing anticipation 
  • Imagination is a powerful tool and so it really does add to the excitement and anticipation. The lingerie collection online is an absolute treat for the shopaholic in you too! 

  • Everything is better with food
  • Remember the days when you saw a person eating an ice-cream cone in slow-mo on TV and didn’t quite understand what the hype was about? And when you finally got the concept? 

    The brain receptors of hunger and arousal are actually pretty close. No doubt it gets exciting with all of our senses engaged during sex. 

  • Massage your way into foreplay
  • A little massage increases the ways in which you and your partner interact physically, and so your bodies are stimulated more in this case. A good massage can also calm the nerves and lead to a more satisfactory experience.

  • Kiss, miss.
  • It all starts with a kiss. A kiss is the most elementary action that comes to mind when we talk of physical intimacy. Ace the basics, girl! It all boils down to trial and error, though. Try different places that get your partner aroused. For starters, earlobes or right in the middle of their chest would work on almost everyone.

  • Try tools/toys specially designed for it
  • We shouldn’t judge a worker by his tools but they sure make it a lot easier! If you don’t live under a rock, then you must’ve heard about sex toys. Researches have made it possible to design stimulators for maximizing pleasure, without any side effects at all. Honestly, if you haven’t had any of your friends telling you about it, they’re probably just too shy to be open about their fantasies. 

  • Communication is key
  • Words are powerful, my lad. Maybe step out of your comfort zones when you’re trying to spice things up. Sexting is so popular among people of all ages because words can have THE EFFECT on our minds, making sex even dreamier. 

  • Live your imaginations by role play
  • Explore your sexuality, your fantasies, together. We all have our own little stories that we want to play out at least once. Being open about your desires will get you to another level of emotional intimacy too. And all you have to do to start is- TALK!