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Whether you are looking for something to fit your sexual needs and cravings, or you want some added stimulation while having sex, we have the answer for you. In need of something sexy to satisfy you in your alone-time while your husband is away? We have what you need, indeed – Sex toys for women. Delicately designed to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris, these products will take you on an erotic ride at your wish!


At Kamasutratoys, you get anything you are looking for – whether it is a double simulation device for dual pleasure, clitoral vibrators to stimulate the clitoris or G-spot dildos for penetration stimulation. Our online store has something for everyone, so you can buy female sex toys for women of the size, type, and price that suits you the best. Fulfilling your sexual fantasies as women have never been as easy as it is now with a sex toy for women. Our range of products is carefully selected from the premium international adult toys brands, guaranteeing a premium experience when you purchase a sex toy for women from us. With our store, you can get the latest sex toys and adult toys at reasonable prices delivered to you in a discreet and convenient manner. 


No two women have the same preferences when it comes to vibrators and dildos, and we make sure to satisfy the desires of every lady who visits our stores. You can find anything and everything at our store, for we keep a variety of adult products such as G Spot vibrators, Double Stimulators, Plus Size Pulsators, Pelvic Floor Trainers, Vibrating Duckling, Dong Dildos, Vibrating Panties, Ribbed Vibrators, Lipstick Vibrator, Mini Vibrator, Bullet Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrators, Vibrating bullets, Glass Dildos, Clitoral Vibrator, Discreet Vibrators, Realistic Dildos, and much more!

Our standard store policy is to take care of our customer’s privacy, and therefore our packaging is completely discreet. When it comes to choose adult products and sex toys in India, you should get your hands on a realistic dildo. It is perfect for stimulating your erogenous zones, including for anal play to heighten your sexual pleasure. Apart from vibrators, we also have a non-vibrating dildo with a suction cup that will do the job equally well. When you are at our store, the sky is the limit and you can explore our range and buy female sex toys online so you never have to suppress your fantasies again. 


Seeing a lot of different products when you visit an adult store to get sex toys for women can be overwhelming, even more so if you are new to sex products like dildos and vibrators. Shopping for them online can make things easy since you get to browse through all products at your ease and get them delivered to you with discreet shipping. Nevertheless, whether you want to take your me-time up a notch or you want to bring something new to the bed with your partner, you can always find something that will suit you. Many types of products are available at our online store:

Clitoral Vibrators: Contrary to popular belief, the only way to have an orgasm for women is not penetrative stimulation. The clitoris is the prime receptor when it comes to sensual stimulation, and clitoral vibrators do the perfect job of doing it. Clitoral vibrators come with a variety of shapes, sizes, and modes, so you can choose whatever suits you the best. 

Dongs and Dildos: Coming with realistic phallic shapes and different sizes, they are the best to explore your sexual desires. Rather than electrically controlled, the motion of dildos and dongs is controlled manually, making them ideal for penetration and perfect for beginners. They are available in many textures and material that you can choose as per your preference, such as glass, steel, or soft silicone. If you want to penetrate your partner, then the strap-on dildo for women will interest you. A strapon dildo comes with a hip harness and a dildo; it is essentially a dildo you can wear. Use generous amounts of lube, and you will be good to go with any of the dildos.

Vibrator: This is one of the most popular toy categories in our store when it comes to choosing a sex toy for women. Packed with a number of modes and speeds and coming in various shapes, there is something for everyone’s preference. 

Rabbit Vibrator: Shaped like the ears of a bunny, this is one of the most popular sex toy for women when it comes to dual stimulation. The vibrator has two shafts, one each for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Both of the arms vibrate together, often with different speed and mode combinations. The end result is a mesmerizing targetted pleasure that provides intense and unforgettable orgasms.

G-Spot Vibrator: Coming with a delicately designed curved and bent head, the G-spot vibrator is easily able to stimulate the G-spot and other erogenous zones which can otherwise be quite difficult to locate. 

Kegel Balls: As the name suggests, they are used for kegel exercises. For those of you unaware, these are exercises to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. Strong muscles in this area lead to more intense orgasms. Kegel balls are used by slipping them inside the vagina and then flexing it to keep the kegel ball inside. A vibrating kegel ball can also stimulate your G-spot and give you intense orgasms. Apart from aiding in intense orgasms and sexual pleasure, strong pelvic floor muscles also help in the recovery of the vaginal muscles after pregnancy and childbirth. Although kegel balls are used by some for anal stimulation, they are designed exclusively for vaginal penetration only.

Anal Toys: A healthy and different alternative to vaginal penetration is perfectly provided by these sex toys for women. Delicately built for anal sex and anal play, these toys have special features for safe and sensual stimulation from the rear. One such example is anal beads, which consist of different sized beads connected with a string which can be easily inserted into the anus. They are available in various types of materials, the popular ones being hygienic and body-safe silicone or stainless steel.

Clitoral Suction Devices: Mimicking the sucking experience of oral sex, these devices are built to grasp your clitoris and stimulate it with varied suction waves. They are usually quite handy and fit into a purse easily like any other material there such as a lipstick, but extremely powerful apart from being waterproof and rechargeable. 


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Dual stimulation sex toys for women work wonders, no matter what type of preference you may have. To get the maximum sexual pleasure from your erogenous zones, it is important to include anal play in your collection of adult products. As one of the best selling sex toys in India for women, getting a realistic dildo would also enhance your sex toys collection. A rabbit vibrator will provide you the perfect mix of stimulation to take you on a heavenly ride whenever you would desire. Rabbit vibrator and other such stimulation toys provide an ecstasy of simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation, making them one of the best sex toys for women. Spicing up your personal pleasure, whether you are single or in a relationship, is achieved with perfection by the range of sex toys available on our store where we have the best variety of sex toys in India!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are these sex toys safe to use?

A. All products sold at our store are completely safe to use. They are made from body-safe medical grade silicone. When buying from us, you can sure of your safety.

Q. How do I clean these sex toys for women?

A. Cleaning our toys is extremely easy. We recommend that you clean them before and after every use. Simply wash them with lukewarm water and a water-based toy cleaner. It is important to ensure that the product has dried completely before you proceed to store it away.