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1. For orgasms on the go: A Bullet

Have you ever heard 80% of woman don’t orgasm through intercourse alone? Getting a bullet not only will transform a lady's orgasms, but because they tend to be be small in size, they are much more practical and easy to pack with you wherever you go:


Image of 10 Modes Multi Speed Bullet Vibrator

10 Modes Multi Speed Bullet Vibrator


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2. For the single guys: Fleshlight Turbo Masturbator

'Practice makes Perfect' as the saying goes. Textured Silicone made from patented cyber skin makes for a very realistic experience. Easy to clean and use again, with a large variety of different molds from some of the most acclaimed porn stars on the planet. Fleshlight are masters of male masturbation.


Image of Fleshlight Turbo Ignition - Blue Ice

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition - Blue Ice


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3. For your inner Fifty Shades Fanatic: Some Handcuffs

You deserve better than using a scarf or a belt to tie yourself up in bed! Invest in some handcuffs for the real deal; you won’t regret it. It just spices up your sexy time, it's self care remember?


Image of Fetish - Soft & Sturdy Handcuffs

Fetish - Soft & Sturdy Handcuffs


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The list does not end here. We have loads of toys waiting for you to take them off our shelves and slide into 2022 with exhilarating pleasure. Avail of your discount today!


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