Q. How should I clean a vibrator?

A. The best way to clean a vibrator will depend on the type of vibrator you get. There are porous and other non-porous varieties. However, the basic way to go about it is to use some soapy water. We recommend that you stay away from chemical or alcohol disinfectants. If you want additional cleaning items, we recommend that you use cleansers and soaps meant for cleaning these toys. 

Q. Is it safe to use vibrators?

A. All vibrators available at our store are 100% safe to use. Tested and compliant with all the regulations, you can use our vibrators without any worries. As long as you are keeping your vibrator clean and maintaining good hygiene, we can assure you that you will have absolutely no issues at all!

Q. Do I need to use lube with a vibrator?

A. Lube is essential when you are using any toy that will be penetrating you. For clitoral vibrators, you might be able to make do without any external lube. However, we strongly recommend that you always use your vibrator with lubricant. It makes the entire experience much smoother and pleasurable, and it is absolutely essential when you are using a vibrator that will be inserted inside your vagina.

Q. What are the different types of women’s sex toys that I can choose from?

A. Traditional sex toys including g-spot stimulators and rabbit vibrators are among the popular options for when you relish vaginal stimulation and penetration. Anal vibrators and anal plugs are some of the common options when it comes to anal sex play. However, if you are more into clitoral activity, you should go for a toy that focuses on clitoral stimulation. It can be something as simple as a bullet vibrator. 

Q. Which is the maximum distance required for remote vibrators to work?
A. The power and strength range are based on the model of the vibrator. However, the standard distance from the vibrator is around 5 meters. This can be several rooms’ difference in the house. Luckily, new advancements in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow the remote control vibrators to work even from different geological locations.

Q. How do you use male masturbators?
A. Masturbators do not have lubrication as a vagina does. You will need some lubricant initially. Our recommendation is that you find a water-based lubricant. You should take time to lubricate and moisten the masturbator and use fingers to give the tunnel a silky and smooth feel for easier glide. You should also lubricate your penis and insert your penis gently in the masturbator. Take control and control your movements properly so that you reach the orgasm you desire.

Q. Can I get erectile dysfunction if I masturbate too much?
A. It has been found that men who masturbate or have sex many times may experience different degrees of erectile dysfunction and/or penile desensitization. Responsible, mindful, and careful use of the toys is recommended. That is especially true for toys that promise stamina training, or intense sensations. 

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Q. What is the best way to use a cock ring?
A. You should use the cock ring to cover the penis base and testicles. It should be very comfortable when fitted. There are smaller ones made using metal or wood that are only to be used around the head or shaft only. Follow the instructions for proper usage.