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Hyderabad is the city of pearls, and one visit to the place and we know that it justifies the name. As Delhi saw the downfall of the mughal empire, Hyderabad came up as the hub of beauty, romance, and rich culture. From the food to the architectural wonders that embellish this amazing city in India, everything has the same warmth as the people living here.

Love and art in a harmonious mixture are found in this city that, at the same time, exudes colours of tradition. Various tribes and ethnic groups have come together to form the heart of this city and thus it is pretty modern with respect to the lifestyle. Accepting people of different cultures and sharing different parts of the society with them has given Hyderabad an air of freedom and open-mindedness.

Hyderabad is ranked 6th in the list of cities that buy sex toys in India in a survey done by This means that Hyderabad is ahead of Ahmedabad and Pune in the purchase of large number of sex toys. In fact, an interesting fact that came up in the survey that when people buy sex toys in Hyderabad, handcuffs are the most bought by men! Getting kinky sometimes goes a long way, right?

People buy sex toys so much that it has always been in the top 10 when it comes to purchase of them, but now it has geared up to explore sexualities even more. The stats have only gone higher in the past few years for Hyderabad. If you want to buy sex toys in Hyderabad, then we have the widest and the most diverse collection at our online store. Our curated collection of adult products for men and women makes us the best sex toy store for your city in India. Reach the epitome of sexual pleasure with our realistic dildos. Our Indian dildos for women and adult toys for men will enhance your sexual pleasure and take it to the next level!



Every man is conscious about his penis and performance in bed. If his little master is doing well, he's doing well. All this pressure adds up to actually not being able to perform your best. An average erection stays for a maximum of a few minutes, and that's when you're able to get a good erection. All of these problems are linked to the health of your penis. As much as long term solutions are important, you can't wait for them to start affecting you positively. Erection sprays, delay creams, etc. are created to give you a safe and healthy short term solution. Buy delay creams and erection sprays online and have them delivered discreetly in Hyderabad.

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From unwanted pregnancy to infections, condoms are the heroes we didn't know we needed. They're easily available, inexpensive, easy to use, and in general pretty awesome. However, the society ain't that awesome towards it. Buy condoms online in complete privacy and escape the unnecessary stress of being judged. 


Just like gyms are made so that you can work that body out, penis enlargement pumps are made for you to work your penis out. This does wonders for its growth and is also healthy. This basically increases the length and girth of your penis by creating suction. These can be bought online and delivered in Hyderabad. 



Male masturbators are basically sex toys meant for men. They amp the solo sessions with different strokes, textures, and sizes. Orgasms are intensified and the experience is like never before. Masturbators for men can be bought in Hyderabad with safe and private delivery.


The erections we see in porn are ideal. The reality is quite different. While a man might dream of having an ideal erection, it's biologically not possible to have one every single time. However, there is a solution. Cock rings can help you have a good, desirable erection every time. They trap the blood flow inside the penis when worn at the base and this makes the erection stay for a long time! They can be bought privately and delivered safely to your doorstep.



Being a woman in the 21st century is no joke. You've to handle your home, career, ambitions, and whatnot. In the hustle-bustle of this stressful life, women usually leave their primal and carnal needs unattended. The sexual desires in them slowly fade away and before you know it, they don't feel the rush anymore. Female arousal products help with that exact problem. A little amount on their private parts and it gets them super turned on.


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The best companion a woman can ever ask for is one who is always available, does what they're supposed to, and are loyal. In addition to that if it gives her orgasms, that's definitely a cherry on the cake. While every woman has different needs and methods, vibrators for each combination of those exist. They're available in a great variety in India and we're sure every woman can find her perfect match. Bullet vibrators, realistic dildos, remote controlled vibrators, clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, etc. are all right here for you to choose. They can be delivered to your doorstep in complete privacy. Female vibrators in Hyderabad, India are your go-to choice to spice up your sex-life.


Have you ever felt even a teeny-tiny bit jealous of the models so confidently flaunting those curves on the infamous covers of fashion magazines? Guess what. It's really not in the figure. Everything is about the confidence. Lingerie range from babydolls, bras and panties, to chemises that will make you feel like the goddess you are. These irresistible, seductive lingerie are available for women, all great quality, in Hyderabad.


Sex is a painful pleasure. Why deal with the pain when you can replace it with pleasure? Lubricants reduce the friction during sex and also make oral sex much more exciting when flavoured. Smooth strokes make sex much more enjoyable because then when you look back, there's only the good part to remember. Water based, flavoured, and other kinds of lubricants are available for a private and safe delivery in Hyderabad. Buy sex toys in Hyderabad along with some lube for the perfect night with your partner.



A vibrating cock ring is basically a ring to be worn at the base of the penis. It has a bullet vibrator on top of it that vibrates when it's near the clit. These vibrations are thrilling and give the ultimate pleasure to both. It enhances a couple's sex life like nothing else. These can be bought online and discreetly delivered in Hyderabad. 


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A male's sex drive is way higher than the female's. Men reach an orgasm pretty easily, that's just how their bodies are made. A woman's body is much more complex and you have to have your way with it for her to really enjoy. The simplest solution to this biologically broken sync is couple vibrators. They give both, the man and the woman, the same amount of pleasure. Nobody ever resisted a little fun, eh?

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