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Sudo Drinku

Sudo Drinku

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Because maths is more fun after you’ve had a few. Form a SudoDRINKu puzzle with the numbers 1-9, then flip over tiles two at a time. Follow the drinking rule that is revealed. You may perform a gesture for other players to imitate, assign two drinks to the other player of your choice, make up your own rules and much more. Whoever does not make the winning play finishes their drink.

This Sudo Drink U game includes 81 double-sided numbered drink tiles, a traditional Sudoku board as well as rules for both standard Sudoku and Sudo Drink U. This game is perfect for those who truly know how to throw a fun party!
1. Complete the Sudoku puzzle using the numbered sides of the tiles
2. Figure out who drinks by flipping over a tile after each turn
3. Those who don't win the play has to finish their drinks

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